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The Umpqua InterMall evolved from the need to have a sort of directory listing for the various businesses, products and services provided in the Umpqua basin valley not readily available to the average person due to the enormous cost of advertising media currently monopolizing the area.

In the beginning of March '2000, two local businessmen got together and decided to produce a way for others to overcome this general barrier in a way and manner that would make such a dynamic platform of advertising appealing and affordable to practically anyone who wanted it.

The first step in this conception was to promote public awareness of the many facited groups of people who provide almost everything from A to Z in an easily accessable way - via the Internet.

The fundamental and truly ground breaking idea that made this different than all others was to offer *FREE listings here for anyone who needed or wanted to present their basic contact information to the internet population. And while most would agree that this is in itself a nice idea, it is crazy to do anything for free.

Fortunately, Dos2Dudes listened more to the needs of the general consumer public and not the general organizations. And so, now everyone from the simpliest one- man or woman operation to the biggest corporate entities can now be listed here absolutely *FREE !

Some effort is of course involved. To be listed one must provide that very basic contact information in order for it to be posted here. Only five key elements are required: name, address, physical location, mailing address and phone & or fax numbers - that's all.

Now then, if you or someone you know would like to take part in this incredible project and grow with the Umpqua InterMall, simply send that basic information here via - E-mail Work Order or regular mail, ICH_AG.Com. It's as easy as that, *no strings attached. CONTACT US TODAY!!!

Have a wonderful time surfing here, and please mention this Site to others.

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* Conditional requirements apply