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Welcome to our Frequently Asked Question's Page !
We hope to answer the majority of FAQ's for you here
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Q: How will people find my ad on the Internet? Click here to visit our Merchants Directory Page.
A:We’ll give you your own Internet address so that you can use it in all your ads!
.................. Click here to see more. Example:

Q: What if I need to put more than just one ad on the Internet? Click here to visit one of our displayed sites with multiple pages.
A: Each additional ad (web page) is just $198 per year!

Q: What if I would like more than just one graphic? Click here to send additional Graphics via E-mail now.
A: Each web page, automatically comes with a graphic set of two high quality graphics for your line type. Anymore than two graphics on your page could distract visitors from your ad copy; which is what could ultimately get them to call your line! If you want more than one graphic set, the cost is $98 per picture per year per set.

Q: What if I want statistics on how many people are accessing my site? Click here for example of Statistic views available.
A: Statistics are available on a monthly basis, via E-mail, for an additional $118 per year. Printed color version available for only $8.- per month extra.

Q: What are keywords? Look for the Form with the 'Key Words' data fields in your 'inetpak1' kit. Click here to download, Fill out & send today.
A: Key words are what search engines use to index your home page in their directories so users can find you. If you were advertising a 1-900 Dateline you would want to select keywords like: romance, dating, relationships, etc. When a user queries, or uses a search engine to research a topic, if they are searching on any of the keywords on your web page, then your page could be returned as a possible match and they could visit. Millions of people could be using search engines at any second of the day!

Q: How many keywords do I get? Decide appropriatly. the world wide web is waiting to find you via a few very discriptive ' WORDS' !!!
A: You may choose up to 15 different ones. Remember to be creative, because this will be one of the great ways your page could be accessed by millions of users.

Q: What are search engines? Click here to visit our Search Engine of choice.
A: Search Engines are like Internet libraries for users to find information, and sites to visit on the Internet. In your web page set-up kit, there will be a form to fill out, to order search engine submissions for as little as a dollar a piece. You will have about 30 of the top ones to choose from.

Q: What are the search engines that I have to choose from?
A: All the major ones are available to choose from, like Yahoo, Alta Vista, and Excite. In your start-up instructions be sure to locate the Search Engine Order Form, for a complete listing, because we are constantly updating it with new ones. Generally there are about 30 different ones to choose from.

Q: Will I be on America On-Line Click here to visit the AOL Anywhere's Catagory List. CompuServe/Prodigy?
A: Your web page is accessible through all the major on-line services.

Q: What if I don’t have a computer? Visit your local library or neaby Cyber Cafe to access the World Wide Web via those Services. Click here to visit the Yellow Pages near you and locate them.
A: The only reason you would need a computer is if you were to dial-up, or visit your own web page.  We do all the technical work and the only thing you need to do is add your Web address to any other advertising you may do!

Q: How many "megs" (megabytes) are the web pages/graphics? Click here to view and example page now.
A: The average web page is well under 1000K including text and graphics.

Q: What server does NBO use ? We incorporate 'SSL' Secured Server Links, Firewalls and many other standard industry based Hard & Software to insure the best integrity available for our Clients.
A: *NBO uses several for redundancy, AT&T being one. All servers run multiple T-3 connections so that the chances of the server ever being down are slim.

Q: Who creates the pages? Click here to visit our Administration page.
A: *NBO hired a staff of in-house web developers to creatively produce all of our web content.

Q: How will I know if I am on the Search Engines? Click here to visit our search Page.
A: Generally it takes about 3-6 weeks for your web page to be included in a search engine database. One of the ways is to assign one of your extensions to your web page and monitor call count traffic through our call count phone number. Another is if you are on-line simply go to the search engine and visit their help section to find out the specific instructions to find your web page by your web address.

Q: What if I need to make changes to my web page? Click here to send E-mail with your Graphics, changes - attached as files.
A: Simply call the *NBO Ad-Network and they will be more than happy to help expedite your changes. Changes are $25.00 per change. A change is defined as 1 change or a total page swap out.

Q: Are the pages just simple text and graphics or are there any animated graphics or programming scripts? Click here to for sample.
A: *NBO’s web developers are constantly adding new features to the pages. For instance web pages now feature scrolling text which runs your 1-900 number across the screen as well as on-screen back and forward buttons. The *NBO Ad-Network will be able to keep you updated of new options. Click here to visit our Options Page.

Q: Can I have access to the site to create my own page/ make changes? Click here to visit our Services Page.
A: Sorry, we can’t allow access, but your set-up package should provide ample space for you to design your page. Click here to download your package now. When prompted: Click 'save file to disk' - When finished, go to where you saved the file and Double_Click on it to execute it. Open the expanded graphic pages with your Imaging software. Print them out and then, Fill out all forms. Send them completed with your check or money order to: Rick Young, c/o: Umpquaintermall, P.O.Box 22, Glide, Oregon  97443-0022 per Registered mail with return confirmation. thank you...:-)

Q: Can I use my own graphics? Click here to send E-mail with your Graphics attached as files.
A: Yes, but they must be saved to a 3 ½ inch floppy disk in a jpeg or gif file format. The Advertising Network can help you with getting your graphics to the web development department. Just be sure to call them before sending anything in.

Q: Can I put my e-mail address on my page? Click here to fill out your request form with the required information.
A: Yes, you have 48 words in the copy section of your page. These pages may also be linked                    

Q: Can I put links to other pages/websites/etc.? Click here to visit our Links Page.
A: Yes, you can as long as you have included them in your 48 words of ad copy.   However, please note that as with all the text of your page they too must be approved by the *NBO Ad-Network. Which you can reach at.

*NBO = New Business Opportunites and is a Sub-Division of the 'UmpquaInterMall'

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